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Denglisch for Better Knowers is an entertaining and informative love letter to the German language!

Divided into different areas of German life such as - the office, at home, with others, travel, food and drink, mind and body, and animals - we collect the best expressions, wisdoms and possibilities of the German language and explain how they could be used to enrich the English language.

There are also some mini-essays, which explore why German is such a fantastic, curious and under-appreciated language, covering: Umlaut Envy, Compounding, The Great Verb delay, Du you Sie me?, Genders and Doch.

  • 60+ entries and seven mini-essays
  • 30 Beautiful illustrations by Robert M. Schöne
  • Dual-language flip book in English and German, across 230 pages perfect for language learners & polyglots.

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A short extract...

Warm Showerer (Warmduscher)

"At first, it may seem a little strange to call someone cowardly a Warm Showerer, an insult often used here. The majority of people all over the world seem to prefer warm showers, which means you’re sort of calling yourself, everyone you know, and billions of other people, a bunch of wimps. Humanity generally thinks of itself as quite brave, climbing mountains, crossing seas, and heading into outer space, but then you bring them right back down to earth, questioning if they’re really tough enough for a little bit of sudden, chilly wetness?

Cold showers are good for you, and good for the planet, so what better time to introduce the new Denglisch concept of the Warm Showerer? There are lots of forces in the world that want to keep us afraid, and lots of times we come up short when compared to brave characters in movies or adverts. But, there’s that one constantly available test of heroism – the German bathroom bravery-testing machine, that’s just one twist of the tap away, becoming a cold showerer."

The great Denglisch Challenge

Building on the ideas in the book, we've also created this short, humorous Quiz that will either leave you grinning like a honeycakehorse or only understanding train station. So go test your ability in this important new art of language manipulation.

deutschland - geschlossen

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Why not book us for a reading at your business/language school/bar/event/funeral? We've a funny, interactive show that combines quizzes like The German and Denglisch Quiz, story telling, videos and of course - reading from our books.

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About Adam

Adam Fletcher is a 31 year old bald Englishman.

After several years in his adopted nation, Germany, he’d consider himself almost German, were it not for continued inability to separate his Akkusativ from his Dativ and his plastic recycling from his paper.

When not writing books and articles about his adopted nation, he mostly spends his days eating chocolate, and napping. In fact, no matter what time of day you’re reading this, there is a 87.4% chance that he is napping. Shhhh!

He is also the author of the Spiegel bestselling book, How to be German. You can find out more about Adam here.


About Paul

Paul Hawkins is a comedy writer whose life-long pilgrimage to avoid a "proper" job has recently bought him to the Mecca of Delayed Responsibility that is Berlin.

In between murdering the German language and apologising for himself, he is still shamelessly insisting on writing comedy books, scripts and articles.

You can find out more about Paul here.

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